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There are a lot of fantastic people that visit our little French bakery in downtown Providence. So many of you share your mornings with us, your life events, smiles, laughs, and appreciation of a good weekend. We get to see some of you almost every day, and others of you, once each year when you come to Providence for business. 

We also have some very talented people who visit us, and sometimes they share their experience with us through artistic mediums. This lovely piece of art is from Emily Garfield, who “creates intricate maps of imaginary places that explore the origins of cities and the function of maps themselves. She received her BA in Visual Arts from Brown University, where she also pursued studies in the brain’s response to art and aesthetic beauty through the Cognitive Science department.” 

Emily’s Instagram account is a beautiful array of colors, patterns, and designs. Some of her designs are abstract, and some realistic, but all of them are imaginative and fun. Emily shared this piece with us after a recent visit to Ellie’s. The flowers pictured are from Flowers By Semia, who delivers fresh flowers to the bakery each week. 

Thank you, Emily, for sharing with us! This is one of the great things about our job! 

Flowers By Semia; Art by Emily Garfield

Flowers By Semia; Art by Emily Garfield


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