It begins with the beans. At Ellie’s, we feel a responsibility to the people who have worked hard to bring high quality coffee to us. Our coffee beans come from small farms and co-ops, and are, in turn, roasted in small batches by master craftspeople at New Harvest Coffee.


When it comes to espresso, those beans are fully on display; every step of the process is evident in that small sip of caffeinated bliss. As baristas, it is our job to bring out the best in those beans, and give you the best espresso we can. This is why we regularly sip espresso to test for quality or discard shots that do not meet their full potential.

This is also why we serve espressos “for here”. We truly believe that an espresso tastes best when it is sipped from a warm ceramic cup. We believe that serving a shot of espresso in a paper “to go” cup compromises the quality and taste of that espresso, and is a disservice to all who have come before us to make these beans the best they can be.


We understand that the world moves fast, and there can be little time to spend drinking a coffee and reading the newspaper at your local coffee shop, though it is one of our favorite activities. We also believe that it is good for all of us to slow down for a moment, and allow our senses to be given the opportunity to savor life through a small taste of one of the world’s favorite drinks.

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