Welcome spring with May’s heartfelt collection of cookies! For this month’s signature macaron collection, each of our bakers created a flavor inspired by a mother figure in their life to celebrate Mother’s Day, resulting in the flavors of Pine Nut Coffee, Rhubarb Pie, and Brownie Batter. Indulge in their inspiration by reading their stories below!

Afton created an espresso speckled macaron shell, sprinkled with chopped pine nuts, and filled with an espresso buttercream. The espresso pine nut macaron was inspired by her grandmother, whose house never had a shortage of Italian cookies, and always smelled of coffee.

Jen Nelson created a black cocoa shell with a rich brownie batter filling (don’t worry, it’s still gluten and egg-free!). She says, “The brownie batter macarons are nostalgic of baking with my grandmother, and being allowed to lick the beaters when she was done mixing…!”

Finally, Jen Bootz created a graham cracker-dusted shell filled with rhubarb jam and graham cracker buttercream. She writes, “Every spring and summer growing up, my sisters and I would pick fresh rhubarb from the plant given to us by our great aunt Dottie. Rhubarb pie was a staple at every family party, and the first thing my mother taught me to bake.”

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