1940012_704042752968671_709581686_nTomorrow is National Macaron Day, and we could not be more excited. The French Macaron is a sweet cookie made with whipped egg whites, confectioners sugar, granulated sugar, almond flour and food coloring. This Parisian treat may be filled with chocolate ganache, sweet buttercream or jams. As many of you may know, macarons are a signature item here at Ellie’s Bakery. We feature seasonal flavors that highlight local ingredients, so the selection changes regularly.

Macaron production can be difficult, however, even for the most experienced bakers, some describe the process as finicky. This finicky process, however, gives us a chance to learn and adapt, striving to perfect the skill each and every day to deliver only to best to you.


And because we love macarons, and because tomorrow is National Macaron Day, we would like to share with you a day in the life of a French Macaron.

We’ll start with the ingredients. There are four ingredients needed to make a Macaron. Almond flour gives it that distinct nutty flavor, while also keeping it gluten free (just another perk of eating a Macaron)! The second ingredient is confectioners sugar, which of course makes this a sweet and delicious treat. The third and fourth ingredients are crucial to the shape and texture of the Macaron; egg whites and granulated sugar. By whipping granulated sugar into the egg whites, we create a French meringue which gives Macarons the smooth surface and crisp texture everyone has come to love so dearly.

Chocolate mint macarons - photo by Allie Hertz
Chocolate mint macarons – photo by Allie Hertz

Moving on to the process, we begin by sifting the almond flour together with confectioners sugar to ensure there are no lumps in the batter. To the dry ingredients, we add half of the French meringue. This continues until the desired consistency is achieved.

Once the batter is ready, we fill our piping bag with the batter and begin piping equal sized circles (about the size of a quarter) onto parchment lined sheet pans. Once the trays are full, the macarons are placed into the oven, where they become the sweet, crisp cookie shells that we all love.

We let the Macarons cool on a speed rack for 30 minutes, then give each little Macaron a buddy! Each cookie needs a sandwich friend. We line up all the cookies two by two and start to give them a sweet filling. After each cookie is paired and filled, they are then packaged up and put on display where they await a watering mouth or a grumbling stomach.

So now that you know a little about a macaron’s day, wouldn’t you like to come try one?

Banana macarons


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A Day in the Life of a French Macaron
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