It’s August; it’s hot, muggy, and the perfect time for a cookout.

by Aubrey Johnson
Summer is my favorite time of the year, it always has been. Growing up in Wisconsin where the cold weather seems to last a lifetime, summer was the light at the end of that freezing tunnel. The same is true now living in Rhode Island, with the anticipation for a warm ocean breeze and sun-kissed produce.

Memories of camping, swimming, boating and fishing flood my mind as I reminisce on summers past, but one of my favorite parts of all of those memories is the cookouts that almost always accompanied them. When I think of what a cookout entails, feelings of love and laughter fill my soul as friends and family gather in the mosquito infested hot summer night. Grilled burgers, Olsen’s brats (my favorite Wisconsin brat) and hot buttery sweet corn weigh down our plates. We’ll throw some fresh summer fruit in there as well to balance things out a bit; fresh cherries–Rainier preferably–and blueberries are always a favorite of mine. For dessert, it’s over to the firepit where eager tummies roast daringly over the high flames while the more patient–and smarter, in my opinion–search for a small cove of glowing embers to slowly roast their mallow to perfection. Onto the graham cracker topped with three little rectangles of Hershey’s chocolate to seal the deal; sticky marshmallow and melted chocolate run down your hands and face, but you don’t really even care because it is so worth it.

There it is. Right there. My perfect summer night… minus the mosquitoes.

So why not translate the epitome of summer into the August macaron collection?


photo: JWessel Photography

S’mores: smoked dark chocolate ganache with crumbled wheat free graham cracker, a  toasted marshmallow center, and a torched macaron shell

Cherry and Olive Oil: olive oil and white chocolate ganache with a cherry jam and cracked black pepper shell

Sweet Corn and Blueberry: sweet corn buttercream and blueberry jam, with the added crunch of corn flour in the shell

We hope these macarons allow you to reminisce on happy summer memories and help start new ones.  Enjoy!

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August is the perfect time for a cookout.
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