Shortly after the 4th of July comes another holiday equally close to our hearts—France’s Bastille Day! While not as well known or celebrated in the U.S, the 14th of July marks the first moments of the French Revolution that began with the Storming of the Bastille, an infamous fortress-prison, in 1789. On the same day exactly one year later, the first annual Fȇte de la Fédération commemorated the unity of France as a nation during the French Revolution. To properly honor their newfound freedom and unity, the people of France set off fireworks, had a four-day feast and obviously drank fine wine. Today, people all over the world celebrate Bastille Day with an abundance of fireworks, communal eating and parades.

This year, we invite all of our friends and neighbors to join us at Ellie’s on July 14th for our own Bastille Day celebration as we honor our French roots. Guests will mix and mingle with our bakers while enjoying music, bubbles, and many Parisian-inspired snacks. The party runs from 6:00-9:30 pm and is FREE and open to all. Vive la France, amis!

For those wanting a sneak peek, our menu will include:

Mini croissants
Mini monsieurs
Sparkling peppermint/lemon verbena tea

Plus, Macaron Millie will be outside serving up macaron ice cream sandwiches! We’re looking forward to a night to remember!

Ice Cream Macaron Sandwiches – mint choc chip, peach raspberry, chocolate peanut butter, honey olive oil cookie sandwich with jasmine ice cream

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Bastille Day at Ellie's
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