Holiday Memories Made Sweeter by Helping Families in Need

Gingerbread Drive 2018

Warm-A-Heart Gingerbread Program Think of the Warm-A-Heart Gingerbread Program as a kindness movement that wraps the community in a warm embrace over the holidays. It starts with a team of compassionate bakers from Ellie’s and Gracie’s restaurants in Providence who spend hours during the holiday season mixing, shaping and baking thousands of gingerbread people before […]

Ellie’s Bakers tour Maine Grains and Rusted Rooster Farm

The process is equally as important as the product! Last weekend, the Ellie’s team took a field trip to Maine Grains in Skowhegan, ME, where we camped out at one of their suppliers, the Rusted Rooster Farm, to get a better sense of the ingredients that we use in our bakery and the work that […]

Sucrée – A Sticky Sweet Tasting Soirée

Let’s start with dessert! We are so excited to announce the next installment in our newest dinner series, Sucree: A Sticky Sweet Tasting Soiree! Join us on Monday August 28th, 2017 for our second ever dessert-focused dining event, which will take place at the Rotunda Ballroom at Easton’s Beach in beautiful Newport, RI. The evening […]

Bastille Day at Ellie’s

Shortly after the 4th of July comes another holiday equally close to our hearts—France’s Bastille Day! While not as well known or celebrated in the U.S, the 14th of July marks the first moments of the French Revolution that began with the Storming of the Bastille, an infamous fortress-prison, in 1789. On the same day […]

Sucrée Event Highlights

Sucrée: A Sticky Sweet Tasting Soirée | Honey Sweet, sweet memories were made recently at the first in a new series of dessert pop-ups hosted by GraciesProv: Sucrée! The evening brought together Gracie’s own Executive Pastry Chef Melissa Denmark along with Caitlyn McGuire of Ellie’s Bakery, Lori Kettelle of PVDonuts, and Adam Young of SIFT Bake […]

National Macaron Day – Willy Wonka Style

Monday, March 20th is the long-awaited first day of spring—but guess what else it is? National Macaron Day, or as the French say, “Le Jour du Macaron”! Without a doubt, this is one of our favorite holidays at this little Parisian bakery. The French macaron is a sweet cookie made with whipped egg whites, confectioners […]

Valentine’s Day at Ellie’s – Local Love

Every year,  on February 14th, cheesey $5 I<3U cards go out, midgrade chocolate sales skyrocket and the teddy bear industry cranks out last minute gifts for individuals to purchase for their significant others. It’s quite a marvel, really, how the history of St Valentine has shifted to become a commercialized holiday treated as the step-sibling […]

Sucrée – A Sticky Sweet Tasting Soirée

“Sucrée” A four course Chef’s tasting, all dishes dessert The cure for your sweet tooth’s deep feelings of hurt Starring four pastry chefs, each serving a course Inspired by honey; bees at the source A night where desserts have their moment to shine On the eve of the feast of Saint Valentine Lovers of chocolate, […]

Gracie’s & Ellie’s Bakery | A Year In Review

People are saying 2016 will be remembered as one of the worst years in history. Exaggeration and negativity have become so common in our everyday conversation. We, as a whole, have taken to boasting about tragedy and misfortunes, rather than celebrations and solutions. As this year comes to a close, we, the Gracie’s and Ellie’s […]

In Pursuit of the Perfect Croissant: Part 2 | Our Journey Through NYC

In Pursuit of the Perfect Croissant: Part 2 | Our Journey Through NYC by Max Hodge The journey continues from part 1 posted here! Runner &  stone Getting a table at this hip eatery is no easy affair. We were greeted by a cheery waiter who was clearly in the weeds just from the dance […]

March of Dimes | Annual Signature Chefs Auction

On Thursday, September 29th, the Rhode Island chapter of March of Dimes will host its annual Signature Chefs Auction. 25 of Rhode Island’s most talented chefs will come together to create an unforgettable feast. There will also be opportunities to bid on personal culinary experiences with the chefs. These passionate chefs are putting their best […]

In Pursuit of the Perfect Croissant: Part 1 | Our Journey Through NYC

by Max Hodge, Ellie’s Bakery Manager | Images: JWessel   Ellie’s, as you may know, is a tiny bakery tucked away in downtown Providence, located at 61 Washington Street.   Historically, Washington Street has always been a bustling street of Providence, due to its proximity to City Hall, which was erected in 1878 and brought […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are lucky and grateful to belong to such an inspired and supportive community of foodies, farmers, friends, culinary phenoms, and philanthropists! Our team at Gracie’s and Ellie’s is truly thankful for the ability to continue putting our dreams into practice, day-after-day, because of the amazing people we work with! This year our Holiday Collection […]

Bastille Day at Ellie’s

Bastille Day at Ellie's

Bastille Day is not a day that is well known or celebrated by most people.  So what is it all about? I can tell you one thing: it is not a day celebrating the English indie band, Bastille.  During the year 1798, the French were experiencing food shortages and King Louis XVI was losing popularity […]

Cooking Classes

Ellie’s Bakery is excited to announce our 2015 cooking class series. Our 2014 series was a hit, and we had so much fun that we are adding even more classes for 2015. Learn how to make your own Honey Beer Bread, or master the art of the French Macaron. Classes include hands-on, personalized instruction from […]

Blackbird Farm – Field Trip

Chances are if you see a pig walking the streets of Smithfield, Rhode Island, it belongs to Ann Marie Bouthillette. “They like to go out for a stroll occasionally,” Ann Marie jokes. The truth is, these American Heritage Berkshire pigs are very inquisitive, and while they might enjoy a night on the town, they have […]

Southside Community Land Trust – Plant Sale

We love fresh, local produce. It is good for the local environment, the local economy, and the taste buds. When it comes to local food, Southside Community Land Trust is a pioneer in Rhode Island. SCLT began organizing and cultivating urban community gardens 30 years ago, and their 50 acre Urban Edge Farm in Cranston, […]

Bakes for Breast Cancer

We are fortunate to have The Dana Farber Cancer Institute in nearby Boston. The Dana Farber Institute is one of the top research facilities working to find a cure for cancer, while providing patients with the best care available. The Institute opened in 1947 as the Children’s Cancer Research Foundation, by Dr. Sidney Farber. Since […]

Cinco de Mayo

This Saturday, we will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo in downtown Providence. We will be out with Millie, the Macaron Ice Cream cart, and there will be an abundance of food trucks, face painting, and music. This should prove to be a fun day, with a little something for everyone. Contrary to popular belief, however, Cinco […]

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