Service Sessions: Coffee Trainer, Matthew Williams

By Kelly Doran Upon meeting Matthew down at Ellie’s for the very first time, I could tell that we had hired someone who was truly magical. Matthew, a newer team member, radiates positive energy and his laugh is contagious. Matthew introduced himself with a strong handshake and eye contact. He spoke about his coffee, his […]

Service Sessions: Dante Foggy | Ellie’s Bakery Line Cook

Here at Gracie’s Venture, we have upwards of 60 employees. Each month, we interview members of the team to get an inside look on how the Venture functions. I had the pleasure of speaking with Dante Foggy, a newer member of our team. Here’s his inside look! By Kelly Doran Dante, what is your function […]

Service Sessions: Kendal Fitzsimmons | Catering and Events Director

Greetings! Welcome back to our fun little behind the scenes series for Gracie’s & Ellie’s staff called Service Sessions. For the last two installments we brought you insights from two fabulous team members from the perspective of service from both front of the house and from the culinary team. This time we switch gears to […]

Service Sessions: Alyssa Jerrell | Ellie’s Bakery Manager


As we’ve started to see from past Service Sessions, tons of hard work and love goes into everything we do. This extends to our bakery, Ellie’s Bakery, as well. You’ve seen a glimpse into our servers’ lives, and our kitchen’s crew’s lives. Now ,venture into the world of Alyssa Jerrell, the manager at Ellie’s Bakery. […]

Meet the Team: Kendal- Private Events Coordinator

Kendal: Private Events Coordinator

Hi. Will you tell us who you are and what is your position at Gracie’s?  My name is Kendal. I am the Private Events Coordinator at Gracie’s and I started in September 2014. What do you like the most about working here? I think it says a lot when you wake up genuinely excited to […]

Art and the French Bakery: An Interview with our Lead Macaroner

It might not be the first thing you notice when you walk into Ellie’s. As a small French Bakery tucked into downtown Providence, our wall space is limited, and the bulk of that space is occupied by a small bar for seating on one side, a wall-to-wall window in the front, a large shelf with […]

Meet the Ellie’s Team: Wetherley

At Ellie’s and Gracie’s, we feel privileged to work with some amazing people. Our “Meet the Team” feature let’s us share even more of their talents with the world. In this post, however, we are going to share a variation on that theme. Our new morning baker, Wetherley Rouleau, was recently featured on the Winter […]

Meet the Ellie’s Team: Sara

Who are you, and what is your job at Ellie’s?  My name is Sara. I am the head baker at Ellie’s. If you were caught daydreaming at work, what would you be thinking about? What is the next meal I am going to eat? If you were stuck on a desert island, what three items […]

Chef Melissa Denmark Shines as a Rising Star

    April 15, 2014 marks a special day for us here at Gracie’s and Ellie’s. Our friend and pastry chef, Melissa Denmark, will be honored as a Rising Star in the Coastal New England culinary scene. She is one of 32 people to receive this award from the online culinary magazine, Star Chefs. Who […]

Welcome, Vivian!

For those of you who know us or follow us on Facebook, you know we have a bit of a, shall we say, obsession, for naming objects. Theodore, the wooden rooster, is perhaps our most well-known example of anthropomorphism, however, this thread runs deep. I think you will find, in most restaurant settings, staff members […]

Meet the Ellie’s Team: Allie

Who are you, and what is your job at Ellie’s? I am a Barista in the Front of the House, and I work as a baker and macaroner in the back of the house. How long have you worked here? Since June 2013 What do you like most about working here? I like being able […]

Meet the Ellie’s Team: Nicky

What is your name? Nicky What is your job at Ellie’s, and how long have you worked here?  I have been here as an intern for 2 months. What do you like most about working here? I’ve been learning more than I ever thought I would. I’ve gotten my hands on a lot of things […]

Meet The Ellie’s Team: Ben

What is your name?   Ben What is your job at Ellie’s, and how long have you worked here? Head of savory affairs since May 2013. 🙂 What do you like most about working here? The family atmosphere. Is there a favorite item or tool that is essential to your job?  My chef’s knife, a […]

The Rooster and the French Bakery

Theodore stands at our door to greet you when you come into Ellie’s. Theodore, the large wooden rooster, is our official Ellie’s mascot. If you have been into our small French bakery, you may have also noticed several ceramic roosters, as well as the rooster symbol painted on our floor. We just might have more […]

Meet The Team: Theodore

Who are you, and how long have you been working at Ellie’s? My name is Theodore. I have been working since the day we opened, January 2, 2013. What is your favorite thing about being here? I get to stand outside all day, and watch the active city. I love watching all the people who […]

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