Macaroon vs Macaron

  Macaroon vs macaron? The spelling is just a little different. The delectable treat is a LOT different. In a city filled with so many wonderful Italian bakeries, it is not a surprise when people ask us for macaroons. They are a delightful treat – perfect for a small afternoon snack or surprise for a friend. […]

A Day in the Life of a French Macaron

Tomorrow is National Macaron Day, and we could not be more excited. The French Macaron is a sweet cookie made with whipped egg whites, confectioners sugar, granulated sugar, almond flour and food coloring. This Parisian treat may be filled with chocolate ganache, sweet buttercream or jams. As many of you may know, macarons are a […]

The History of Bread Part 3

This is the final entry in this three part History of Bread series. You can read Part 1 and Part 2 from these links. “How can a nation be called great if its bread tastes like kleenex? – Julia Child  The story of bread and baking becomes complicated around the time of the Industrial Revolution. Advances in […]

The History of Bread

There is something about the aroma of baking bread that is warm, cozy, and inviting. One of my favorite times of day is when I walk into Ellie’s early in the morning, and smell the bread rising or already in the oven. With our hands and four simple ingredients (flour, water, salt, and yeast) we […]

The History of Bread Part 2

  The skill of bread baking passed quickly from Egypt to the Greek and Roman empires. The production of bread remained largely unchanged for centuries until the Industrial Revolution. The social implications of bread production and availability, however, played important roles in society throughout much of the intermediate times. Among other social issues, a shortage […]

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