There are many things that are quintessentially Rhode Island: Hot Wieners from Olneyville Systems, watching Waterfire along the canals of Providence during summer nights, stuffies on Horseneck Beach, and most importantly, coffee milk. Coffee milk has a fantastic connection to Rhode Island, and lore speaks of Italian immigrants preparing it up on Federal Hill back in the day.  It was originally produced in the 1930s in corner drug stores, where it was targeted towards children while their parents drank hot coffee. Due to the popularity of the product, coffee syrup was bottled and sold by merchants. Today, coffee syrup can be found in many specialty coffee shops or at any local market.

We are so thrilled to carry on the coffee milk tradition with our own coffee and offer it in the heart of downcity Providence. We steep Costa Rican coffee grounds in hot water before straining and reducing into a lightly sweetened syrup. The resulting product is a thick, luscious syrup that begs to be married to a cold glass of Christiansen’s Dairy milk (another historic Rhode Island institution). For the time being, our coffee syrup is available in house, but we have our sights set to bottling it in the future for your personal consumption.

So stop in today and ask your barista for a little bit of history in your glass. You’ll be glad you did!

~Maxwell Hodge

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