Ellie’s Fall Sandwiches

by Max Hodge

Its that time of year when the city is finally getting back into the groove of the influx in population from college students, the streets being more populated and a chatter in the air. Gone are the lazy days of summer, where long days drifted into long, warm evenings of dining outdoors and spending the day at the beach. We welcome in the shorter days and the large harvest season of autumn. The tender tomatoes and fields of crisp greens give way to the slow growing squash, the robust flavors of dark greens, and the heavy gathering of alumns of all sorts. Raw salads and outdoor grilling is traded for roasting and stewing, as we find long, slow cooking brings out the richness of slow grown foods.

This season at Ellie’s, we celebrate the bounty of autumn with our updated lunch menu. While the departure of the avocado toast leaves many heartbroken, the newcomer Sweet potato toast raises eyebrows and curiosity of all who see it. Honey beer bread toast is given a hearty smear of sweet potato puree that has been seasoned with apple cider, , honeycrisp apples and warm autumn spices, topped with a toasted seed granola and curly mustard greens, this is not something to be missed and brings a new energy to breakfast!

The buttermilk chicken salad sandwich gets a makeover with a peppercorn dijonaise, Grafton chilli cheddar cheese, kale and shaved carrots on our sourdough. Fun fact, Ellie’s sourdough starter is named Henry, who is nurtured and fed flour and water daily and has been with Ellie’s since day one, slowly developing more flavor as the years go by. 

Delicata squash makes its way into the sandwich lineup, being simply roasted with maple syrup, with a apple-cranberry compote,whipped narragansett creamery ricotta, curly mustard greens on honey beer bread, making for a hearty and healthy vegetarian option that anyone can fall in love with. 

The du jour grilled cheese has been replaced by a classic french sandwich, in which raclette cheese cornichons, fingerling potato, roasted onion on sourdough are layered together to create a sandwich that is heartwarming and melds together perfectly. raclette cheese is an alpine style cheese, classically coming from the Swiss mountains and made of cows milk. Raclette melts fantastically and creates a most pleasant grilled cheese.

Last but certainly not least, the roast beef sandwich. With a wholesome slow roasted red onion marmalade, swiss cheese, and greens, this sandwich is best eaten warmed up to melt all of the swiss cheese and create a sandwich that is unparalleled in umami!

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Ellie's Fall Sandwiches
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