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We get asked a lot of questions. People ask us for cooking advice, where to get a good cup of coffee in Boston (there are a lot of good ones, but we went to Thinking Cup recently, and loved it) and if we make everything ourselves (we do). Most frequently though, people ask us where we go; what are our favorite local bakeries? In Providence, we like North Bakery, and, of course, Seven Stars. But I thought it might be fun to open up the question a bit.

Outside of Providence, what is your favorite local bakery?

Here are some of the answers.

Ellen, owner of Ellie’s Bakery and Gracie’s is partial to Tartine. “Everything I’ve eaten there makes me giggle it’s so ridiculously delicious!” Elisabeth Prueitt and her husband, Chad Robertson opened Tartine in 2002. In 2006 and 2007, they received nominations for Outstanding Pastry Chefs by the James Beard Foundation, and in 2008, they won the award. Tartine is located in San Francisco, CA.

Executive Pastry Chef Melissa likes Amy’s Bread in Chelsea Market in New York City. “Everything they make is executed perfectly and has a unique touch. The chocolate cherry brioche and lime cornmeal cookies are stellar. You can also see the whole HUGE bread production through their glass windows as you walk through the market.”

Screenshot from Amy's Bread website
Screenshot from Amy’s Bread website

In Portland, Maine, Melissa likes Standard Baking Company. “It has a cool atmosphere with lots of exposed beams and wood decor and their pastry is so fresh and delicious …I still think about their dark chocolate financier with big dark chocolate chunks.”

Chef Melissa is passionate about local bakeries and baked goods, so she offered a third location, as well. “Artifact Coffee in Baltimore has killer breakfast and coffee and laminated pastries. The farm house decor is rustic and homey, plus they sell jams, hot sauce, and pickles from their sister restaurant.”

Max’s favorite is Morning Glory Bakery, in Bar Harbor, Maine. “One day they made churros that were so light and decadent at the same time; the first bite took me somewhere I didn’t think possible.”

Screen shot of Morning Glory Bakery, Bar Harbor, ME
Screen shot of Morning Glory Bakery, Bar Harbor, ME

I’ll add one of my favorite local bakeries to the list: La Boulangerie in New Orleans, Louisiana. I used to live within walking distance of this delightful bakery. This was the first place I tasted bleu cheese bread – the bleu cheese was overflowing from the top crust, and spread into the bread to make a melty, tangy, delicious bread that I still dream of.

This is not even close to a definitive list of our favorite local bakeries, but we have to start somewhere! What is your favorite local bakeries? Why do you love them? Tell us in the comments if there is a bakery that we MUST try to visit.


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