This year, Ellie’s is excited to begin growing her own rooftop garden above the Peerless Lofts in downtown Providence. This garden space has been utilized by Gracie’s for the past six years for the cultivation of different herbs, vegetables, and flowers used by the restaurant. This year, Ellie’s will be sharing this space to begin cultivating flowers and herbs for use in our seasonal blends of tea. The various plants have been carefully selected based on the season and the benefits of including them in your diet.

   Our bakery is nestled smack in the heart of downtown. Students, travelers, businessmen and women stream in and out daily, as well as the many vibrant residents of the city. We work hard to provide what they want. As the seasons change and time passes, we see the visible signs of the toil that daily life takes on our guests. We wanted to do something more for them. After all, we feel responsible for the well-being of our guests, who quickly become more like family. So when we see Barbra still trucking through the snow in March feeling under the weather, or consulting another regular over a recent heartbreak, we recognize our position of being a home-away-from-home. And just like a team of overprotective mothers, we want to help pick you up and keep you feeling well!

   These blends will be crafted based on the season and have been blended with good health in mind. In the fall, lemon balm and chamomile nurture calmness and stress relief. Oregano and thyme create a delicious blend to ward off winter’s ills. Stop in, sit down, and unwind. Let the big bad world stay outside and settle in with a handcrafted, downtown grown, genuinely brewed cup of tea and a pastry made with plenty of love (french for butter). Enjoy honest service from a team that treats our intimate bakery like it’s our home.

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Ellie's Garden On The Rooftop
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