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Ellie's spiced soda

Summer is in full swing in Providence. People are flocking to Newport to watch the boats, Picnicking at Roger Williams Park, going to the beaches and soaking in the best time of year in New England. Rhode Island locals know that dining is best done outdoors, strolling down the streets of the city or taking a peaceful reprieve in the sun. Ellie’s is a feverish supporter of picnics and our new menus were created with the summer in mind. This summer we are rolling out our own handcrafted sodas, made by our baristas for you.

Our sodas are drawn from classic, timeless recipes served in soda fountains back in the day. Our cola syrup is a laborious process of carefully combining many different spices, herbs, citrus and flowers, simmered gently until a lush amber syrup is created. This syrup is combined with sparkling water and given a swift stir before being handed off to our eager guests. With a fresher flavor and ingredients you can actually pronounce, this will easily become a summer staple over commercial colas. Our cola doesn’t look like other sodas, simply because we omit artificial colors and additives. Almost all sodas have the addition of caramel color, a flavorless and unnecessary addition that gives products a dark brown color. We keep it simple.

Soon we will have a fresh ginger beer in the mix in addition to the cola. Stay connected with us to keep unto date on the release date of the ginger beer and future sparkling beverages!

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Ellie's Hand-made Soda
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