It seems that summer is finally here, and our July macaron collection is the perfect light and refreshing antidote to Rhode Island’s hot and humid days. This month’s collection took its inspiration from novelty “ice cream,” one of our favorite summer treats, which we also sandwich between macaron shells in our signature Macaron Millie ice cream sandwiches!

Whether you love chocolate or fruit flavors, we’ve got something to satisfy all tastes. Our Strawberry Shortcake macaron is perfectly Instagram-worthy, with a pretty pink shell topped with tasty crumbles that is reminiscent of those Good Humor ice cream bars we loved as kids! Tangy Orange Creamsicle macs are next in our trip down memory lane, and they taste uncannily like the real deal. And no true ice cream collection could be complete without the iconic Klondike Bar—ours even has real chocolate in the middle to mimic the Klondike shell to a T. Now the only question is: what would you do for a Klondike Bar (macaron)?

These sweet treats will be available in the pastry case beginning Tuesday, July 5th, when we return from the holiday weekend, so save some room to enjoy them all!

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Ellie's July Macaron Collection
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