Liven up your lunch routine with our new sandwich and salad options! As always, these lunch offerings combine the best of our local and seasonal food sources with unique items made in the Ellie’s kitchen. We hope you have a chance to enjoy each and every one of them!

First, we have our new House-Roasted Turkey Cubano, which is just a dream when lightly toasted before enjoying. This sandwich is served on a challah roll with Black Forest honey ham, swiss, dijon mustard, and housemade dill pickles. The subtly sweet bread sings in perfect chorus with the varying flavors of the meats and the tang from the pickles and mustard. This is a sandwich that you can truly eat every day—it’s filling, yet not too heavy, and never gets old. No wonder it’s Bakery Manager Max’s current favorite!

Next up, we have a Pastrami Spiced Roast Beef sandwich, which also holds up well when toasted. We serve it on our housemade pumpernickel bread—which, fun fact, gets its rich color from cocoa powder! (But don’t worry, no chocolatey taste to speak of here.) The roast beef is joined by lightly pickled cabbage slaw and smoked gouda, and rounded out with a Thousand Island dressing that lends the sandwich a deliciously creamy depth. This is the perfect rainy day option when you’re craving something a little denser than the norm.

For something  cozy and classic, we have a new grilled cheese, which features our housemade caramelized onion jam. Onions are cooked down low and slow until they release their natural sugars and yield a very rich, very gooey, very sweet and sticky spread. We smear the jam on country white bread and layer it with smoked gouda, swiss, sliced fingerling potatoes, and our own thick-cut slabs of bacon. Ask for it sans bacon for the perfect vegetarian treat!

And lastly, if you’re feeling something a little lighter than a sammie, we have a delicious new salad featuring Deb’s pea greens; a super sweet, crunchy, local treat that we mix with arugula, Great Hill blue cheese, thick bacon lardons, and a sherry vinaigrette. Add house-marinated Baffoni’s Farms chicken breast for a protein-packed treat!

Stop by and celebrate a new season with these new and delicious bites.

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