It rare that a pastry can be so much yet be so simple, so versatile and fill a craving regardless of the time of day. This lovely little gem begins its journey 48 hours before you ever see it. Layers of dough and butter are intermingled as our overnight bakers carefully roll, fold and roll, over and over, to build an empire of buttery, flaky goodness. This marriage of butter to dough expands when baked and give the finished product its characteristic crunch. Sweet potatoes are roasted with herbs and sliced onto the danish before it finishes baking, along with deeply caramelized onions and Vermont goat cheese.

What makes this pastry so fantastic is its anytime appeal, be it with a fried egg first thing in the morning, a midafternoon snack to carry you over, or as a light lunch with a side of dressed greens. It won’t be around for long, you simply must stop in and try it before it is gone.

Max Hodge – Ellie’s Bakery Manager

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