Who are you, and what is your job at Ellie’s?

Photo by JWessel photography
Photo by JWessel photography

I am a Barista in the Front of the House, and I work as a baker and macaroner in the back of the house.

How long have you worked here?

Since June 2013

What do you like most about working here?

I like being able to utilize my creativity in almost everything I do here.

Do you have a favorite item or tool that is essential for your job?

It depends on what I am working on that day; a tamper, a piping bag, a timer, and always my imagination.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I like browsing bizarre antique shops, going on adventures, and photographing them.

What is your favorite food?

Harvard sweet and sour beets, artichokes, and crackin’ steamed old bay covered crabs by the


What is your favorite drink?

Soy Cortado.

What is your favorite candy?

Cow Tails

What is your hidden talent?

Illustration and painting, which I have loved ever since I could hold a crayon.

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