Monday, March 20th is the long-awaited first day of spring—but guess what else it is? National Macaron Day, or as the French say, “Le Jour du Macaron”! Without a doubt, this is one of our favorite holidays at this little Parisian bakery.

The French macaron is a sweet cookie made with whipped egg whites, confectioners sugar, granulated sugar, almond flour, and food coloring. This Parisian treat may be filled with chocolate ganache, sweet buttercream, or jams. As many of you may know, macarons are a signature item here at Ellie’s Bakery. We feature both classic and seasonal flavors that highlight local ingredients, and our selection changes monthly.

This year, in honor of National Macaron Day, we’re hosting a “Golden Macaron” contest à la Willy Wonka and the Golden Ticket! On the day of March 20th, we will have a limited supply of brown-bagged macarons at our register, one of which will contain a golden-colored macaron that signifies a special prize. The recipient of the golden macaron will return home with a year’s subscription to our Macaron of the Month Membership, which involves a collection of our signature and seasonal macarons delivered to your residence each month.

So save the date, summon the luck of the Irish (we will be on the heels of St. Patty’s Day, after all!), and come try your hand at winning—what else?—a year’s supply of macarons on this National Macaron Day.

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National Macaron Day - Willy Wonka Style
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