September in Rhode Island: the farm fresh produce is still delicious and abundant, but patches of yellow leaves seem to crop up relentlessly in the tree tops. We tried to capture this change of season with our latest drink specials for the month.

For those warm, sunny days that make you want to hit the beach one last time, our assistant manager Sera has crafted a refreshing Peach Matcha. This drink has it all—MEM Tea’s matcha green tea for a nice afternoon boost, juicy housemade peach syrup, and a splash of creamy coconut milk to round out the flavors.

Up next on our list is the “Save the Bees” latte from our barista Max. Seeing as September is also National Honey Month, and given the integral relationship between bees and coffee plants, Max created a lightly-sweetened honey latte and then jazzed it up with a cinnamon, cocoa, and sriracha-sea salt garnish. Its the perfect drink for those of us who want something more exciting than a morning cup o’ joe, without being overly sweet.

But for those of us who are overjoyed that Halloween is right around the corner, the Sunbutter Latte is the drink for you. This warm treat is made with unsweetened sunflower seed butter, a touch of vanilla, and sprinkled with cocoa powder. When paired with coffee and milk, the result somehow manages to remind me of all of my favorite Halloween candy bars at the same time.

These two lattes now feature our new Washington Street Drinks espresso blend, available at both Ellie’s and Gracie’s. We worked with great folks over at New Harvest to create an espresso that challenges our guests’ expectations of what “espresso” should be. This blend of medium-roast Guatemala Finca el Porvenir and light-roast Kenya Ngariama is a far cry from the dark, bitter, and smokey flavors typically associated with espresso. We taste bright, juicy fruits with a toasty, baking-spice finish. Try it as just a shot of espresso and let us know what you think!

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New Espresso Blend + September Drink Specials
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