October Macarons: Halloween Edition

Spooky-cute cookies have hit the shelves for the month of October! We’re excited to debut our Halloween candy-inspired macaron collection for the first time ever.

From left to right: Candy Corn, Snickers, Sweet Tarts ©JWessel Photography 2016

Each month, our bakers congregate for a meeting of the minds to determine the flavors for the next month’s featured macaron collection. At last month’s meeting, members of our team called out their favorite trick-or-treating candies as sources of inspiration. We then identified which candies would translate best into French macarons. Without further ado, here were our results…

Sweet Tarts. One look at these beauties in the pastry case, and you’ll think you’re gazing straight into a box of Sweetarts! That’s all thanks to their multicolored shells, which resemble the classic candy. While these cookies boast a slight tanginess, they definitely won’t be leaving a sour taste in your mouth.

Candy Corn. You can’t have just one of these frightfully delicious treats! We used local sweet corn to give our macarons a wickedly good, homegrown flavor.

Snickers. In this cookie, chewy peanut nougat meets milk chocolate caramel for a flavor that’s remarkably reminiscent of the real thing. Give these to trick-or-treaters on your street and you’ll be the coolest neighbor on the block!
Luckily, these limited-edition flavors are available in boxes of 6 or 12 for guys and ghouls of all ages. More info available at:


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October Macarons: Halloween Edition
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