It is no mystery that we love local food. There is something special about knowing where your food comes from, and knowing you can shake hands with the people responsible for bringing that food to you. There is also something special about the way so many small local farms work together to benefit our little state. This is true for produce, as well as for dairy.

Elmrock Farm - photo by Jessie Dutra
Elmrock Farm – photo by Jessie Dutra

When it comes to milk, Rhody Fresh is as local as it gets. Rhody Fresh is a cooperative of eight dairy farms in Rhode Island. Since 2004, they have provided southern New England with hormone-free milk from cows that have ample access to grassy fields, sunshine, and fresh air.

The natural environment that the cows live in comes through in the taste of the milk. Happy cows make milk that tastes good.

We use Rhody Fresh at Gracie’s and at Ellie’s as part of our mission to offer high quality, local products as much as possible. It is also one way we try to support our local economy, and help maintain valuable farmland in Rhode Island. If you haven’t tried Rhody Fresh milk, we would encourage you to pour a glass, and taste the difference.



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