by Nicole Dupuis

For many of us, myself included, the arrival of September brings about mixed feelings.

Fall itself is a season marked by contradictions—it ushers in exciting new beginnings, but also means the end of a brilliant summer. When I was in school, of course, this feeling was all the more pronounced. If only Ellie’s macarons had graced my lunchbox during those years! Our September macaron collection proves that back-to-school can be much sweeter than you think.

This month’s flavors are the ultimate throwback to your favorite childhood memories (minus those first-day-of-school jitters, of course!). Our team had a ball recalling memories from the snack line and brown bag lunches packed by Mom as we dreamt up these autumnal delights.082915-273


When you think about it, this collection constitutes a well-balanced meal (just bear with us for a moment). We started with a staple that pops up in everyone’s lunch box (even the grown-ups’): the Apple. You’ll recognize this one from its white and red shell that looks like an apple sliced in half. We used dried apple skins in the shell, along with apple butter and apple buttercream to create a bright, refreshing apple flavor.

Next came the ultimate lunchbox classic, PB&J (no crusts here to speak of, picky eaters!). Chunky peanut butter and housemade Concord grape jelly will likely dredge up thoughts of bells ringing, lines forming, and milk money jangling… or, if you’re like me, thoughts of last night’s dinner (what’s a busy gal to do?).

Finally, we rounded things out with a scrumptious Lunch Box Cupcake—you know, the kind you’re definitely not sharing with your friends (not even a little bit!). Chocolate is the name of the game between the black cocoa shell, gluten-free chocolate cake, vanilla icing, and chocolate ganache.

If you are in the giving mood, however, this collection makes the perfect gift for students and teachers returning to classrooms this fall! Stop by the bakery or visit our new and improved website for boxes of 6 or 12 for scholars of all ages. More info available at:

Here’s wishing you a happy and healthy 2016 school year from the entire Ellie’s Bakery team!

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September Macarons: Back-To-School Edition
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