The long awaited day has finally arrived.  The day where thousands of perfect layers of European butter and Maine Grain dough have married030316-026032316-007
and are ready to be shown off to Providence as a multitude of different croissants; the classic croissant, the breakfast sandwich croissant, the ham and cheese croissant, and the dark chocolate croissant.

Those who frequent Ellie’s have seen the advertisement creatively drawn on the distressed mirror for the croissant for a few months now, and many have asked about their arrival.  What many may not know, however, is that the pastry team here at Ellie’s has worked tirelessly and completed countless test batches of these croissants over the last few months, trying to perfect this pastry.  So much love has gone into this formula because we want to produce something that represents us as a bakery.


At Ellie’s, we believe in using local ingredients to showcase the quality goods that New England has to offer. Maine Grains, a cooperative mill in Skowhegan, ME freshly mills local, heirloom wheat. This, in turn, gives the products made with their flour a much deeper, more complex flavor.  We wanted our croissants to really reveal those flavors, making our product something that stands apart from the rest.  The depth of the grains represent so much more than flavor; they tell a story of jobs being created, growth of the local economy, and improved land utilization as well as a rebirth of ancient wheat varieties and milling techniques. (mainegrains.com).  The addition of honey in our formula enhances the nutty flavors of the grain, giving the pastry its own personality and allows the grains to speak for themselves.

The thing about croissants that I find so fascinating is how delicate and fragile they are while being such a rich and decadent contradiction of pastry.  Biting through the crisp, golden crust into a web of laminated, chewy interior brings me back to wandering the streets of Paris, going into almost every boulangerie, in search of the perfect croissant
. And come to find out, they all had the perfect croissant because they are Parisian boulangeries; they know what they’re doing.  

It is such an honor to be a part of the history being made in Ellie’s Bakery with the release of this iconic French pastry.  Whether you buy it to eat on its own, accompanied by eggs, cheese and home-cured bacon, or as an almond croissant, you won’t regret it.  

So, join us for a coffee, a croissant, and a well deserved break from your busy schedule, listen to the soft sounds of Parisian jazz behind the chatter of happy customers, and enjoy a brief getaway to Paris while still here in Providence. 

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The Croissant Debut - by Aubrey Johnson
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