We Are Getting There
By Max Hodge

When our team sat down for our annual meeting to build the framework for 2020 we never expected it would go in such a different direction. Our conversations on how to celebrate graduation season followed by wedding season have now pivoted to quickly building a robust online ordering platform and effective safety protocols.


We, as hospitality folks, pour our hearts and soul into our work. We come in every day because we love good food; feeling an innate relationship to the laurels of the soil and sea, as well as genuinely wanting to take care of our community. We do this as a team of bakers, chefs, bartenders, baristas, proprietors, all who collaborate on how to best serve you.  We pride ourselves on anticipating your needs and offering honest hospitality. Over the past few months, we have been tested as a community and industry. We have had an incredible outpour of love and support that has kept us going. You’ve worked with us through changing systems, ticket printer issues, networking going offline, an evolving menu, and a new style of service. To see the faces of our community safely sporting fabulous masks and catching up at a distance has been good for us all. 


We open our doors every day because we care. We buy from other small businesses that work with integrity to support the community. By stopping in for a coffee, a cake, lunch, or a dinner package, you are playing a significant role in supporting a tight-knit local community during one of the most upheaving circumstances most of us have ever faced. We would like to take a moment to thank you, on behalf of the farmers, fisher(wo)men, artisans and other producers that are directly sustained by your choice to shop local. Thank you.

Everyone says we will get through this. While this is true, we have moved onto the next phase of that phrase. That is we are (actively) getting through this. We are in it, getting through it, together.  Rhode Island is a micro-state that is full of incredible characters who have grit, passion, and the ability to persevere.  


Ellie’s will open her doors, next week, next month and next year. The buzz of a busy morning and evenings swirling wine over candlelight will return. We eagerly look forward to the nights of having a dozen things to do at once, to smile, and say, “I’ll be right with you!”, to hugging regulars and laughing with new friends. I don’t want to say we will get there, because we are getting there.

 For the time being, let’s slow down. Relax on the patio and talk with a close friend. Order a dinner package (we deliver!) to enjoy at home, celebrate the dawn of a new day with cake for breakfast. Take this as an opportunity to cherish simple pleasures while we work towards building a brighter future, together. Let us see each other as equals, as a community that is stronger through collaboration, respect, and compassion. We are getting there, together.

Be well, Be kind, and wear a damn mask.

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We Are Getting There
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