Inside Ellie’s walls, we define simple pleasures.

Ellie’s first opened her doors in the winter of 2012 as Ellie’s Bakery on Washington Street. This tiny 7-seat bakery aimed to serve fresh breads, unique pastries, and unparalleled hospitality. Ellie’s quickly became a part of the neighborhood.

Over the years, the menu and team have grown, from testing the perfect croissant daily over the better part of a year to the barista team developing a single-origin coffee program and signature coffee blend. Ellie’s started with the simple mission of nourishing the community and has grown into something greater than anyone could have imagined.

The idea of expanding Ellie’s started when the demand for pastry pushed the baking operation to Hope & Main in Warren, which allowed the team to really dive into pastry production while we searched for a new home for Ellie’s. After years of looking for a place that could bring the bakers back under the same roof, we discovered 225 Weybosset. The stars must have aligned with this opportunity, as 225 Weybosset Street, much like her sister Gracie’s, is directly across the street from a historic theater; in this case the dining room of Ellie’s is illuminated by the marquee lights of PPAC theater. Restoring a building that was constructed in 1920 was no easy task, but has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

We aim to be a soulful eatery that serves as a gathering place for neighbors and a place of rest for visitors. You can start your day with freshly baked pastries and coffees, keep the day going with a wholesome lunch, and settle in for the evening with friends for a glass of wine and a slice of cake.

We can’t wait to serve you – thank you for joining us.

Our Friends

We source many of our local ingredients through Farm Fresh, a community of local farmers, growers, artisans and purveyors that teams together to offer chefs the best ingredients Southern New England has to offer. Some of these farms and purveyors include…

Ellie's Bakery: Friends

Alan Farms
Westport, MA

Aquidneck Honey
Middletown, RI

Blackbird Farm
Smithfield, RI

Fairland Farms
North Attleboro, MA

Four Town Farm
Seekonk, MA

Maine Grains
Skowhegan, ME

Mem Tea
Watertown, MA

Narragansett Creamery
Providence, RI

Nathan Miller Chocolates
Providence, RI

New Harvest Coffee Roasters
Pawtucket, RI

Raaka Chocolate
Brooklyn, NY

Rhody Fresh
Tiverton, RI

RI Mushroom Company
West Kingston, RI

Schartner Farms
Exeter, RI

Steere Orchard
Greenville, RI

Our Journey

Our Team


Theo likes being a landmark, but he will never admit it.  Despite his celebrity status, Theo stays true to his hatchling roots, and always makes time for photos with his fans.

Madame Sweets

Melissa’s guilty pleasure is eating cookies for breakfast. She spent time working on a farm chasing chickens and hasn’t met a fig she doesn’t like. You’ll always find a smile on her face, especially while baking a blueberry pie.
Executive Pastry Chef – Ellie’s and Gracie’s

Taker of Toast & Tea

Sera comes to us all the way from her beloved Nevada– her main talents at Ellie’s include memorizing every guest’s name, eating cake scraps,and always being able to reach the top shelf.
Assistant Manager

Carb Creator

One of the stars of our overnight pastry baking team, Jen naturally loves all things sweet. She powers through the early morning hours with candy, Dave Matthew’s Band, and then a little more candy.


Nick’s positive energy and impressive culinary experience have made him a perfect fit in the Ellie’s family, where he works with both our pastry and savory teams. He attributes his love for the pastry world to countless spoonfuls of Grandma’s cookie dough.

Boss Lady

“If the prospect of living in a world where trying to respect the basic rights of those around you and valuing each other simply because we exist are such daunting, impossible tasks that only a superhero born of royalty can address them, then what sort of world are we left with? And what sort of world do you want to live in?” -Wonder Woman

Ellen lives to take care of people and finds the best way to do so is through food. Even when she’s daydreaming, her thoughts never stray from ways to solve problems and make the world a better place. All superheroes have their proverbial kryptonite: hers is a fear of waterslides.

Dame of Dough

Caitlyn prides herself on working hard, but always manages to have a lot of fun! Her positive outlook makes her a powerhouse in the kitchen, and she can be heard cracking punny-jokes throughout the day. Vanessa Carlton’s “1000 miles” never fails to get her pumped up!
Pastry Chef

Dancing Queen

Mary never misses a beat- probably because she is a life-long dancer. She never stops moving behind the counter, much to the pleasure of our guests and her coworkers!

Gluten Goddess

You may recognize Afton from her time as an Ellie’s barista, but she has happily joined our fabulous baking team as the assistant pastry chef. She now spends her days dismantling the patriarchy, and her nights baking bread & all things glutenous.e.


Millie has the coolest wheels in town. She enjoys sunshine, Providence summers, and loves meeting people who love ice cream sandwiches. When Millie grows up, she wants to win le Tour de France.

Den Mother

A former teacher and watercolor artist, Alane is a true Rhode Islanduh. Lover of lobstuh rolls, local newscastuhs, and the wicked perfect wave, she’s the one who’ll greet you like you’re family.

Silly Songstress

While Katie is  brand new to Little Rhody, she’ll make you feel like you’ve always known her. Her love of all things whimsical & hidden talents as a professional singer give her a natural charm in the world of hospitality.

Cool Cucumber

Alex’s calm personality & knack for distance running make him a rare gem in kitchens; he is always happy to help out the team & do whatever he can to make the perfect dish for our guests.

Mr. Coffee

Chris brings his passion for acting to our hospitality team, where he is adept at making everyone feel welcome; his beautifully crafted lattes certainly don’t hurt either!