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Helping Families in Need

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The season of giving us upon us, and we’re embracing it in the most delicious way possible! For the tenth year in a row, our team is partnering with Lifespan and City Year to produce our beloved gingerbread-decorating kits that benefit families in need.

The kits, are sold for $8 each and include freshly baked 8” gingerbread cookie plus a piping bag of delicious icing along with six bags of decorative candies. These kits make an excellent gift for children, serving as both a creative outlet and valuable teaching opportunity.

Joe Conlan, former Gracie’s team member and originator of the program states:
“Very rarely do we have the opportunity to impart important life lessons upon our children within a positive setting. When a child is presented with this beautifully wrapped package, it serves initially as a gift. Upon opening, the child realizes it’s not only a snack, but a fun craft as well. So why not, in this setting, take advantage of teaching the child that because of someone’s generosity and thoughtfulness, not only did they treat you (the child), but they made a difference in someone else’s life. Someone who needs warm clothing, a coat, or new boots this winter; or someone who needs mittens, a hat, and a scarf; or someone simply wishing for a new, warm fluffy pillow. Goodness comes full circle and we should instill this lesson upon our children while creating holiday memories and helping families in need.” 

The gingerbread kits are available for purchase beginning the week of Thanksgiving at Ellie’s and the following Lifespan locations – The Miriam Hospital Rhode Island and Newport Hospital and Lifespan Cancer Institute.

One hundred percent of the proceeds go towards helping families in the community that need a little extra support this holiday season. Pick up one to make at home or pick up several to share with family, friends, colleagues, and more! These treats taste just a little sweeter knowing that you’re helping to give back to the community during this most wonderful time of year.

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